We have completely rewritten PageRank Icon code

Due to the recent abuse (and thus some slow performance) we decided and by the moment have completely rewritten all the code (software) in order to increase the speed and reliability of ourPR Checking Icon tool. Now it should be SUPER fast and quite reliable.
In order to reduce abuse we have implemented some changes:
a). PR Checking Icon now ignores NOT valid web addresses
b). PRchecker.info does not support dynamic URL's any more (marked with red color below).
     Example of Dynamic URL: http://domain.com/index.php?cat=free&id=34&sd=11222
c). If for some reason PRchecker.info can not determine the current page rank of the web page,
     it displays a blank button at that moment, like the one below.
You will also see such image if you are behind the firewall and thus it blocks PR Checking Icon. The solution is either to switch the firewall (blocking) off, or to find some better firewall that does not block page rank checking icons.