PR Checker service abuse and our actions

Due to some huge abuse of our services by bots and other automated software that produced excessive loads on our server, we had to re-design a bit our services.

Unfortunately, we had to stop offering PR checking Icons (PR buttons) that are added to a web page using the HTML code shown below, as the code turned out to be not abuse-safe.
So, the old page rank icons with the HTML code (so called "alternative" code), such as
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" /></a>
(please note "") will not work any more. The PR buttons with such codes now produce N/A or (?) pagerank, and they will completely stop working in a month or so.
Please note: We recommend all the users of our paperank checking icons to upgrade to the improved NEW pagerank buttons as soon as possible.
» Upgrade now - install a new PR button on your site