Is Google "dancing" (re-building page ranks) now?

It has come to our attention that at this time different datacenters and servers shows different values of page rank for the same web pages from time to time.
So it looks like is "dancing" now - they seem to be in the process of updating their index and re-calculating the page rank values for all web pages in their database.
This process usually takes between 1 (one) up to several weeks, so you might see different page rank values for the same web page during different periods of time, in different parts of the world, at different web servers.
"Google Dance" (the pagerank jumping up and down) finishes as soon as they complete their update and set the final page rank values for the next period. will also show these page rank "jumps" during the Google dance, so there is nothing to worry about, that's not an error, but that are database updates.
We wish everybody Happy Holidays!!
and all the other best wishes, including some high PR for your sites.