Grey Pagerank Bar - recent changes at Google.

We can see some changes in the way represent their pagerank for the web pagesthat are not ranked yet or those that are banned by Google for some reason.
For a long time Google used to show ZERO pagerank (page rank 0/10) for the not-ranked pages, and now they've changed their method of representation.
Now NOT-ranked pages produce N/A (not available) pagerank results, visually it is represented as a grey pagerank bar upon the web page.
IMPORTANT: you can also see a grey bar (N/A pagerank) if either Google or RP checking tool is not able to show the pagerank due to slow connection between web servers. The internet is a rather unstable system, and the connection issues happen quite often.
So, if you see a grey pagerank bar or N/A rank upon your web page, you should not panic.
This probably means that the web page either is not ranked yet, or there was some temporary error and Google's server could not return the current page rank value, so the server said that "the page rank was not available for displaying at that exact moment".
In order to make sure your web site is not banned by Google, you can search Google for your site's address. If the address is in the search results, this means the site is NOT banned and you can relax and not to pay any attention to the temporary bug with N/A pagerank.
In this case everything should be back to normal state in 2-3 days.