Complaints about non-working page rank checking Icon

We have got several complaints that "the Google™ page rank checking icon does not work correctly" and that "it always shows a zero value" of page rank. - That's not correct!
Actually, Check page rank Icon does work OK and it shows the correct PageRank™ value. The matter is that in order to get a Google™ page rank of the web page, PR tool connects to web site and determines the current page rank value of the web page.
However, nowadays modern firewall-type software (like Norton Internet Security, ets.) and/or different ads-blocking software begins to block external connections, so that software might also block the page rank checker Icon, thinking it is an advertising.
In case the icon is blocked, it shows ZERO instead of the correct page rank. So, if you faced this problem and want the check page rank icon to work correctly for you, you might want to allow (to white-list, to enable) in the firewall software and/or in the ads-blocking software on your PC.
You can make sure this is the case by switching OFF your ads-blocking software and reloading the web page where our checking page rank icon is located.